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The Hill I Die On

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Hey guys! Guess who is a federal employee and exempt from being "required" to get the jab?!?! Even though my work has me out in the community all day every day... spreading love and happiness, and deadly, no-good germs, if you're living in a fear state.

I'm protected by a Union, and not subject to higher ups being pressured or bribed by the corrupt and tyrannical administration dictating the narrative of this country.

But the majority of yall aren't and are having to make a choice between having to put something in your body based off of the demands of others, versus worst case scenario of not being able to afford life. I feel deeply for you, and I stand for your right to medical freedom.

There are so many people coming forward that have seen firsthand the fraud and treason that is being uncovered in our intertwined medical and political system. Do the research about the accuracy of the pcr tests, find the screenshots where the CDC admitted they inflated numbers, watch the clips showing the major newstations using disaster footage from other events while claiming it was pandemic related, look on in horror as the President talks about the patriotic American people using their right to free speech like they are a plague to our nation and you should start to see my point.

You have the power. Do not let the hate, threats and condescending chatter make you forget that only YOU get to say what happens to your body. This is your final freedom, please fight for it.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I would quit my job if it tried to force me into getting any type of injection, experimental or not. The exchange with an employer is give and take. I give my time, knowledge and effort in exchange for payment. They do not have control over my entire being, and their ultimatums are a direct violation of my constitutional right of equality and sovereignty.

This is my fight. I stand for the right to make medical choices for yourself, without coercion or pressure, and with access to all of the information and documentation for whatever dilemma you are facing.

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