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The Greatest Growth

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I have been investing in myself for several years now. I have spent thousands of dollars taking classes, participating in webinars, and connecting with people on similar journeys as me. One of the most exciting things about my path is not knowing what it is. The more I learn, the more I grow. The more I grow, the more I feel called to create. The more I create, the more connected I become.

And this connection brings a desire to support others who have talents I believe in. I connect by filling my day with uplifting mantras and connection to people who have messages I resonate with. I connect by spending more than just money. I invest energy and prayers. Those are investments as well, and quite a bit harder to manage when you decide to give them to yourself. Allowing myself time and space to slow down, and really listen to my inner guidance has been the most amazing journey, because all of the inner work I've been doing is now appearing as tangible objects in the physical world.

I started to value my personal time over time I spent doing what others thought I should do. I started spending time dreaming of what my ideal world would look like. What I would do with my time and energy if money was no longer an obstacle? And I don't mean, having bills paid for the upcoming month, but instead what if I never had to worry about money again? What if I accepted that there was more than enough money in the world for me, and it was already on its way to me? What would my day look like, if I lived in that world? For me, I would work for myself. I have had my share of shady/scapegoat experiences in the corporate world, and I have no desire to ever work in that environment again. (Repeating themes and patterns signify inner work that needs to be done, BTW).

Luckily, I had already gotten inspired to create an Etsy to sell my little crafty items, I am certified in Reiki and I am partnered with Bellame for their high end skin care and makeup, so I had outlets for making money. But it was something that I always just dabbled in, so I decided to "put my money where my mouth is" and leased a two room office suite so I could have a space solely for my personal development, and a studio dedicated to design and creation. I signed a year lease and purchased a new computer and office furniture/supplies with my stimulus checks, as well as enrolled in more courses. And then I started using the space.

And you know what? It is paying off. I can feel the shifts, both spiritually and physically. I have been in tears today--crying because I have started receiving an overwhelming amount of help and support in the last 18 hours. And I truly believe it is because yesterday I had a strong intention of "I RECEIVE".

Any chance I get, I come to my office to work. Except the work I do would be frowned on by most as not being productive. Because I start my day off in meditation. I ground and connect and talk with my spirit team--my newest skill and one of the skills I'm currently taking a course on. I bring myself into alignment with what my soul is called to do. I am here to complete my soul's mission. And I have allowed myself to remain open as to how I do that and what exactly it entails. I stay excited about all the possibilities and opportunities coming my way and I design, write, create, and connect as it feels good to.

I've been showing up, doing the work, expanding spiritually and for a bit there has been a standstill in my financial sector. I was beginning to get frustrated because I've been working on removing blocks, connecting and sending healing to my ancestors, and remembering who tf I am (natal chart readings and past life regression) so that I could step into my purpose on this planet, and I knew that if I did that, the Universe would provide. It didn't matter that I didn't have a full time job other than exploring myself. My finances would improve, I would be happier, I would be taken care of, and I believed this whole heartedly. So when I didn't see thousands of dollars in my bank account I began to wonder WTF?

Yet now, the blessings are rolling in. Quietly but consistently. Someone offered to pay my monthly rent on my office space for July, a powerful friend sent energy and prayers for a work I performed, and then a dear friend and her daughter offered their time and skills to help me finish organizing my craft supplies. I feel connected in every aspect of my life and the sense of peace it provides is immeasurable.

This is all abundance in different forms, and I was so focused on the $$$ that I nearly missed them! Now that I recognize these blessings for the gifts they are, I am overcome with emotion.


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