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The Beauty of Connection

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This morning my prayer was one of success--let me be successful in all that I do today. Let me accomplish all my goals with ease. Let me know the places to go, the things to say. Let new opportunities come my way and let me be open to meeting the people I need to meet.

There was no real agenda for the day, but I always check to see what needs to be done before I come to my office and my dad had a few errands to do.

After dropping paperwork off to his HR department, we started to discuss which Wal-Mart he wanted to go to. He didn't care, and my deciding factor was if there would be any motorized carts available for him since he isn't healed enough to walk through the store. I decide against the closest store, and instead headed to my "favorite" one, which I hadn't been to in awhile.

Just as we are about to leave, I remind him that this is the store that I always see his sister at when I am shopping there. I ask him to call her to see if she is working so he can say a quick hello to her and he realizes he doesn't have her number. I tell him to wait so I can go down the aisles I usually run into her on, and I am now determined to find her and start asking my guides and angels to please let him see her because I know how much it will mean to him.

Low and behold I come across her, only to find out that she hasn't worked at this store for over a year, and she doesn't even usually shop here. I quickly went back to him and led him to her and it was a very emotional meeting. She hadn't seen him in quite a bit, but of course had heard about his recent injury so there were tears all around. Mine were of gratitude that I could help facilitate something so meaningful for my dad, and that my prayers were not only heard but answered. My heart is so full of wonder that blessings can be so immediate and perfect.

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