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Synchronicity as a Guidepost

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

My focus for today was healing for me and my ancestors. I had the inspiration last night to read through more of the book Ancestral Medicine by Daniel Foor, Ph.D., so that I could find a ritual that felt powerful and aligned for me.

After my morning meditation, I pulled several cards to help me focus my energy for the day. I use the Essential Oil Oracle Cards to give me a message of what I can work on/need to pay attention to for the day. The answer was Tension: "I nurture myself". The message attached is all about creating space for *healing and allowing myself that rest*.

The second deck is The Light Seer's Tarot and the card that describes my energy for today is the 7 of Wands. I was immediately drawn to the *image of the woman meditating* and the message from the guidebook is one of "grounding, movement and growth". Wands are about passionate energy, fire and action for me so it is also a message to share my ideas and truth as I know it with the world, something that I have been holding back from doing.

The card of energy that is working against me is the 7 of Cups. This is my indecisiveness rearing its ugly head. I often have a fear of making the wrong decision, so at my lowest I will be so overwhelmed and unsure that I make no progress. This is an issue that I constantly battle for self-growth. I procrastinate because I want things to be perfect. But that procrastination may lead me to missed opportunities and blessings.

The card helping me is the Six of Pentacles. I feel this exactly as it is pictured--an exchange. Pentacles are often linked to money, but for me it is not limited to just that. Help in any form can be received with this card, as long as I acknowledge the exchange. I receive because I freely give. I give from my heart, the purest center in our bodies. From that, I will be blessed with what I need. In tying this with ancestral work, the message is I send back healing to them, and they will help me in the present.

With my plans for today being so divinely confirmed through the synchronicity, I can say that I am on the right path for my life. I am doing my soul's work. And the peace that comes from knowing that is immeasurable. I am truly grateful for my guides, their messages and continued support.

The ancestral work that I have stepped into has been through learning to communicate my gratitude for my loved ones that have passed on, and extending that out to my complete ancestral lineage--the family members, struggles and successes that happened before I was here, but who ultimately led to all of the circumstances of my birth.

This healing is bigger than my parents and theirs. This is a connection to my bloodline back towards the beginning of my family name(s). The days when having the basics of food and shelter were an everyday obstacle. The time when having tangible skills and the ability to barter were the only way to get by--by relying on a community of other families, and having the trust and faith that everyone could make it if we worked together.

Thank you ancestors! Thank you for enduring the heartbreaking struggle of cold winters where there wasn't enough firewood to keep the whole family warm. Thank you Mothers for caring for your children--thank you for going without so they could have food in their bellies. Thank you Fathers for protecting your land and working through injury and pain so that you could gather supplies and be the backbone of the family.

You did it. All of your sacrifice and triumphs have culminated in me, and I am so blessed because of you. I thank you for my beautiful life, and I honor all of the pain, injustice and atrocities that you endured. I send back my love, my light and my power so that the powerlessness you felt is lifted, transmuted and healed--you are free from the weight and burden and those wounds will not be passed down any further. I am the medicine and I heal ALL. Going forward there are only blessings--financial security and abundance, restoration of health and vitality, spiritual power and connection, rebuilding of our relationship with Mother Earth and the world we are a part of.

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