Roar Loudly

Updated: May 27, 2021

When my son puts on his dinosaur shoes, he is no longer a boy wearing shoes--he becomes a dinosaur.

He doesn't apologize for turning over his toy cars, or stomping leaves and branches, or roaring loudly as he charges forward. He doesn't care that they are a size too big, or that they are often covered in dirt and mud, or that they don't match whatever else he is wearing.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to live so fiercely?

To embody something you love, to bring it to life in the here and now... to honor a part of you completely and authentically.

Because all of the other stuff doesn't really matter anyway. Toy cars can be replaced, mud can be rinsed off, outfits can be changed.

But that feeling, that rush, that power that comes from whole heartedly being your true self, that is the whole point of our existence right now. And it is so easily dampened and disregarded in the world today. Don't let that stop you.

Be you, without apologies. Roar loudly and smash expectations of who you should be. There are people looking for you, so they can be themselves, too.

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