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Nurture Yourself--1st of July 2021

"Take time to rest and in that time be open to creative pursuits. Surround yourself with things that please your senses and be gentle with yourself."

Deck: Essential Oil Oracle Cards by Lisa Powers

Life really moves from sun up to sun down, doesn't it? Some days are so jampacked with taking so and so here, and picking up xyz there, and the list of things needing your attention gets longer every day.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated today, or if you are having resistance getting things done, then here is an opportunity to step away from that pattern.

Completely clear your to-do list for the next 10 minutes. Imagine as if your tedious list was picked up and taken care of by a fairy godmother, never to be seen again. You can go about your day confident that everything is taken care of, and your schedule is now wide open with possibilities.

How are you going to spend it? What is the first thing you want to do? Would you change into some comfy clothes and read that new book you were gifted? Would you take time to meditate, nap or call an old friend on the phone? Would you bake or cook, or spend time practicing a new skill? Can you gift yourself 10 minutes of that creative activity anyway, right now, without guilt?

This is about resting from your everyday life, and deciding to do whatever you would do if you didn't already have a huge list of EVERYTHING ELSE stalking you. This gift of free time, space and energy nurtures your whole being. Your mind feels accomplished for doing something it wanted to do and pumps out the happy chemicals to your body and your spirit is nurtured by the freedom to be expressive and expansive.

Here's some ideas for a quick creative break:

-create a stretching or yoga flow from your heart

-take a themed picture with a cute filter, add stickers and text

-turn on some music and dance around

-make a meal (for yourself or others) -give your kids piggy back rides (this creates memories and muscles!)

-open up an art app and draw freely with a stylus, or get outside with colored chalk

-redesign your town or farm layout, or change your avatar's look

-paint your nails

-sing or hum or chant

Set a timer for 10 minutes (minimum). This gives your mind enough time to shift and operate from a point of relaxation vs stress and go go go.

Do your chosen activity with as much joy and and excitement as you can--it is important that you pick something that you really enjoy, and can enjoy without feeling guilty about wasting time on.

When your play time is over, be proud of what you've created. Be thankful you loved yourself enough to set aside time just for you, that you gave yourself a space to express your spirit over your mind.

As you go about the rest of your day, tap into those feelings of joy and creation whenever you start to feel tense or agitated with yourself, or the energy around you.

Create a stash of supplies that can serve as a creative outlet for you: a drawing pad and some charcoals; yarn and knitting needles; gorgeous palette of makeup.

Anything that will bring you child-like happiness and be easy to fit into your life several times a week, if not every day.

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