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Calling All Ancestors

I pray that your ancestors rise up inside of you. I pray you feel and remember their trauma, their struggles, their oppression. And I pray it grants you discernment for anyone in your life doing the same to you now.

I pray that you acknowledge and embrace all of the power and blessings that YOU ARE because of who they were and what they already went through. I pray their fighting spirit is awakened in every cell of your being and that you remember they live inside of you and are always with you.

I pray you live every moment in the beauty of all you have already accomplished and overcame. I pray you feel the deception and dishonesty in your bones whenever someone who does not have your best interest at heart is near you, speaking to you or telling you what you must do.

I pray you grant yourself the time and space necessary to integrate your ancestors' lessons with your own, and that that healing is sent back through your ancestral line to soothe the trauma and pain that has been passed down through generations.

I pray that you accept that YOU ARE prayers answered and opportunities only dreamt of. I pray you are filled with the strength and determination to be the end to all that no longer serves you, and you awaken in light and power to be who your children need you to be.

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