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A Reminder to Myself

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I am a woman who has it all--a happy home life with healthy and thriving children, and a supportive, passionate partner; a successful and profitable business doing what I love; and a nice piece of land that I own where I have custom built a homestead for us to enjoy life on.

I get up each day filled with gratitude for the life I've created. We are not on a schedule to rush out the door and instead we enjoy our mornings doing things we love and taking care of our animals and garden and home. We have space and tools to pursue our passions and dreams. I am active in my meditation practice and feel healthy and amazing in my body. I spend time feeling connected in my spiritual practice and receive guidance in the choices I should make.

We grow most of our own food and eat, fresh healthy meals that nourish our bodies. We educate ourselves and can grow and store supplies so that we are self sustained even if the rest of the world is struggling. Our families are proud of all we have accomplished and inspired by how we live.

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